Top 10 cheapest cars we can buy today. –

Top 10 cheapest cars we can buy today.

My very first car was a Nissan Sunny 1.3

My first full-time job was as a sales assistant in Parkson right after SPM. That was in 1993. The salary was RM350 if I remember correctly. Inclusive of OTs etc, it’s higher. So, my EPF contribution started was back in 1993. Haha. That’s 30 years ago. Of course at this time, I could not afford a car and only just got my car license. I drove my father’s Nissan Sunny which was at the time 10 years old I think.

Later on I continued my studies and when I graduated, I continued to drive my father’s newer Nissan Sunny. (Yes, he had two!). This went on until 2011 when I bought my first car which is also my current car, Proton Persona. Actually, the Proton Persona today is cheaper than when I bought mine. To anyone who’s looking to buy their first car today, here are the top 10 cheapest cars you can buy in Malaysia today. I used as my research buddy.

Note – Prices may be different when you are buying the highest variant yeah. The below is just based on the cheapest variant.

#1 is none other than Perodua Axia 1.0

#2 is a car that started the car manufacturing story for Malaysia, Proton Saga 1.3

#3 is a car which is now the top seller for Segment A sedan in Malaysia, Perodua Bezza 1.0

#4 is Proton Iriz 1.3

#5 is Proton Persona 1.6 (yes… the new one and it’s cheaper than the price I paid for mine)

#6 is Perodua MyVi 1.3

#7 This car is just selling remaining stock as production has stopped. Proton Exora 1.6 turbo. Cheapest MPV until stock finish. 

#8 I think this is the cheapest SUV we can buy in Malaysia now. Perodua Ativa 1.0 turbo. (My sister drives one and loves it)

#9 This will soon be the cheapest cheapest MPV, since Exora production has stopped. Perodua Alza 1.5

#10 I believe this is the cheapest 7-seater SUV which you can buy in Malaysia now. Perodua Aruz 1.5

If you think top 10 is not enough, the one just outside the top 10 list is the latest and most powerful for its price. Proton S50 1.6 Turbo.

How much yeah, the repayment?

I will just show you the cheapest and the most expensive so that you see the difference. We will also use 9-year loan yeah.

As you can see, the difference between the most expensive and cheapest car in this list would be RM412 per month. Now it’s clear that if we are earning say RM5,000 net per month. It is really just a choice whether to buy the cheapest or the most expensive in this list.

Quick comparison for the cheapest car options

We can compare the car prices to the ‘Detroit’ of Asia; Thailand. Cheapest car in Thailand today is Suzuki Celerio 1.0 with 68ps horsepower horsepower of 68ps. This is comparable to Perodua Axia 1.0 with 69ps horsepower. The price for the lowest variant is Thb 328,000 (RM44,000). Our car price is almost RM10,000 cheaper for our cheapest versus their cheapest. For RM44,000 here in Malaysia, one can also choose between Saga or Bezza or Iriz too.

For Indonesia, cheapest car would be Daihatsu Ayla 1.0 and the cheapest for automatic is Rp166.9 million (RM50,000). Indonesia is also a car production hub for many brands too.


In the Philippines, the cheapest car available would be Toyota Wigo. This is a 1 litre car similar in size to Ayla and Axia too. The price starts from Php609,000 (RM51,000) The Philippines is also a car production hub for many brands too.


Happy knowing.

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