John Romero memoir Doom Guy getting not one, but two screen adaptations

John Romero’s autobiography Doom Guy: Life in First Person is being adapted for screen in two different forms.

As reported by Deadline, the story of the id Software co-founder is being made into a documentary by Canadian filmmaker Rob McCallum.

Meanwhile, a dramatised adaptation of the Doom creator’s book is also in the pipeline. Both of these projects are going to be executive produced by Naomi Harvey of Golden Possum Productions.

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“Talking with both Rob and Naomi, I knew they were the perfect team to bring Doom Guy to life,” Romero said following the news. “Our backgrounds and aspirations have uncanny similarities, and I trust them to tell the story.”

McCallum called Romero’s journey “the missing antidote for all of us misfit toys looking for hope and kindred spirits in the darkness of the world”, while Harvey added the video game icon’s story is “one of triumph over trauma, filled with compassion and inspiration”.

Doom Guy: Life in First Person covers Romero’s video game career, as well as his childhood and family life. This includes recounts of his alcoholic father, racist grandfather who didn’t approve of his parents’ mixed-race coupling, and grandmother who ran a brothel in Mexico.

As well as Doom, Romero is also known for Quake and Wolfenstein. These games all pioneered the first person shooter genre, and at GDC last year, Romero was the recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award for his work.

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