Japan’s web3 ecosystem aims to attract 5,000 international firms

The Asia Web3 Alliance Japan (AWAJ) has announced a bold initiative to integrate over 5,000 web3 companies from across the globe into Japan and Asia’s rapidly evolving web3 ecosystem.

The initiative, unveiled during AWAJ’s first press conference on Dec. 14, marks a significant step towards fostering international collaboration and technological advancement in the web3 space.

Key focus areas

Founded with a vision to bridge the gap between Japan, Asia, and the global web3 community, AWAJ is a pioneering association in Japan. The alliance’s formation and initiatives are a strategic move to capitalize on the region’s growing interest in blockchain and decentralized technologies.

Its strategies for 2024 focus on three key areas:

  1. Stablecoin Subcommittee Launch: Under the supervision of stablecoin experts, this subcommittee aims to promote the use of stablecoins in Japan and Asia, potentially transforming cross-border transactions and financial exchanges.
  2. Global Expansion: Targeting 5,000+ web3 companies and startups from 48 countries, AWAJ aims to create a vast network for collaboration and knowledge-sharing, thereby facilitating business growth and innovation in the region.
  3. Student Exchange Program: AWAJ plans to empower career building in web3 through a student exchange program in Japanese prefectures, in partnership with 48 universities, focusing on IT and blockchain education.

Industry-wide backing

The AWAJ hierarchy, comprising 56 members and 16 subcommittees, includes international members holding a 70% stake, ensuring a diverse and global perspective.

Board members and advisors, such as Hinza Asif (President, AWAJ), Taketo Nakanishi and Yuma Tanimoto (Cofounders, CROSSTECH), and Leo Mizuhara (Hashnote), bring a wealth of experience from various sectors of the web3 industry.

Key figures from the global web3 community, including Nicole Chan (Taiwan), Sandy Carter (Unstoppable Domains), Luke Soon (PwC Singapore), Morten Rongaard (Reality+), David Palmer (PairPoint), and Jamie Kingsley (The PR Genius), have expressed their support and excitement about the opportunities AWAJ presents for the region.

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