Google Search Console API Delayed

For the past few days or so it seems that the Google Search Console API has been delayed. There has been complaints about this on social media and in the Google forums. It is not uncommon for Search Console to run into these delays but I see a lot of recent complaints about this, so I am reporting on it.

There are a number of threads in the Google Webmaster Help Forums about the delay and posts on Mastodon and X with complaints.

Optimizely wrote, “Anyone else’s Google Search Console on a go-slow? I’ve got “Fresh data” markers against the last 3 days (usually only the last 24hrs) and my Looker Studio reports don’t want to pull anything beyond 7th December through?”

Simon Cox responded, “I have a lot of pages on my personal site not indexed – added a load of old posts back into it over a week ago and none are indexed despite putting them in the queue. AS for data – Fresh data from the 8th to 10th. So yes same as you! As @johnmu always says – it will catch up.”

El Carpo wrote, “Fourth day in a row that Google’s Search Console API is nos showing up-to-date data.”

John Mueller from Google replied on Mastodon saying, “Yeah, sometimes it’s a bit slow, but it usually catches up.”

In the forums, one person wrote, “this usually had 2-3 days delay between UI (search console) and the API, however we’re now getting into the 6 day with no data what-so-ever, we’re still able to retrieve data before that date, however nothing starting from and after 08 Dec 23, nothing has changed from our side.”

Google Search Console Api Delayed

Another person wrote, “I have been using the Google Search Console API to pull data for a report and have noticed that no data past December 7 is being returned. I am used to a 2-day lag in data, however it’s been 5 days and no data past December 7 is being returned. I am getting no errors, just an empty response.”

Dave Smart noted, “you can add “dataState”: “all” to the call and get the fresh data as well. That will bring it currently up to the 11th, “but I tend to wait for finalized, especially if you’re warehousing the data,” Dave added.

I should note that as of this morning the data is up to the 11th, which is still delayed but not as far back as it was earlier this week.

Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help Forums, Mastodon and X.

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