Wow… very good news indeed for 2023 thus far –

EPF News: Wow… very good news indeed for 2023 thus far

If EPF’s investment income is better than the year before, that’s a good sign for members

When EPF’s income is higher, it means that there is a higher chance for a higher dividend for the year. EPF invests members’ money and they have to do two things. First is to ensure the ‘safety’ of the savings and yet at the same time seek to get as high return as possible. Thus far, I think they are doing pretty fine for a provident fund. You can google a bit too on EPF versus many other provident funds around the world. Maybe even compare it to the one south of Malaysia. 🙂

For EPF members, there are some good news. Read on.

Article in The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) recorded a total investment income of RM47.86 billion for the nine months ended September 30, 2023 (9M23), 33 per cent higher than the RM36.04 billion recorded in the same period in 2022.

The amount was after netting off listed equity write downs recorded for the period, according to EPF in a statement.

Out of the RM47.86 billion total investment income, RM4.62 billion were generated from mark-to-market (MTM) gains of securities that have not been realised.

Equity investments remained a significant contributor to investment income, accounting for 63 per cent of the total investment income in 3Q23, with RM9.17 billion generated after netting off write downs.

The increase in income compared with the RM5.89 billion recorded in 3Q22 can be attributed to the fund managers’ proactive approach to realise capital gains at the beginning of the quarter, which saw some equity indices recording their best year-to-date performance, particularly for developed markets. Do read the full article here: Article in

Your guess is as good as mine but…

Let’s just say that very soon there would be articles to predict the % of dividends for EPF members. Let me predict first (without any use of statistical data), I think it will be 5.28 percent. Haha. Anything above 5 percent is very good actually. Always ensure we do not touch the EPF savings unless we have no other choice. EPF should just be for the days when our income stops or when the income reduces. By then we will need all the savings we could get.

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