Want to achieve financial freedom? Know stealth principles of building wealth

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Building wealth through investment is a goal for many. It is not an easy task; instead, it is an overwhelming task that requires time, effort, and discipline. Consistent investing is the key to achieving financial freedom in every form. The first step in achieving stealth wealth is keeping earnings private. To secure a future and live a financially unbothered life, stealth wealth strategies are getting popular. Investors focus on building a fortune that no one is aware of.

According to Arun Singh Tanwar, founder of Get Together Finance (GTF), in the era of the internet, everything can be found with mere clicks and taps. Today, an investor has easy access to historic investment data, and a variety of options are available to chalk out his investment strategy accordingly.

“Investing should be done with the help of a financial advisor. Otherwise, an investor should have apt knowledge of the market. An investor who builds stealth wealth makes sure that only he knows about the business,” he said.

Investors become successful when they do not just follow an aggressive approach to make money by risking all they have, he said. Instead, learning skills and tips in a manner that fulfils their objectives should be the real approach.

“Knowing how to grow investments significantly is an art. Stealth wealth investors have a calm mindset compared to other traders and investors. Not getting distracted or taken aback by adverse market conditions and going for a long-term approach over a short-term approach can produce fruitful results,” he said.

There is a common belief that wealth is created with the perspective of fighting rising inflation. Interestingly, an investment also significantly increases as the value of money goes up, and the best part is that nobody is aware of it.


“Right from the start, diversifying investments and regularly researching different sectors that hold the potential to give good returns help in cutting the risks,” he said.

Another great trait of quiet investors, he said, is to choose a mix of blue-chip and mid-cap stocks. While blue chips offer stability, m-cap stocks offer the potential to grow money beyond that at a faster pace.

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