This is the state to watch out for in 2024 –

Johor Property News: This is the state to watch out for in 2024

I do not have a property in JB… yet

I used to travel to JB on a weekly basis for business. That was like maybe 11 years ago. I like JB for the vibrancy as well. It was growing rapidly and the issue of traffic jam across the crossway was already a big issue then. I tried once then and it took me close to 2 hours just to come back from Singapore. I vowed never to try again. I knew then that the only way future growth would happen is for more links between JB and SG to be available. Else, that’s the bottleneck.

At the time, I was not too interested when someone told me about some potential condo. The reason was because the price was very close to 7 figures. So, I do not own any property in JB yet. I think these days, there are more reasonable choices. What do you think? Let’s now read about what a prominent person is saying about Johor Bahru.

Article in Rehda Institute Datuk Jeffrey Ng Tiong Lip said that Johor will be the state to watch in 2024. He pointed out that there will be the rapid transit system (RTS) link project connecting Johor Bahru’s Bukit Chagar with Singapore’s Woodlands. (Briefly, what this meant is that within just 4km, anyone staying in Johor Bahru or in Singapore will be connected to one another. Some say this is just 10 minutes)

He mentioned that there may be the high speed rail (HSR), the additional ferry crossings and even a possible third link bridge too.

He said that he also anticipated that the Johor-Singapore Special Economic Zone (SEZ) to draw both local and foreign investments and thereby promoting the development of the region’s infrastructure, including networks for communication, utilities and transportation.

He said, “This will create positive spillover effects on the overall economic development, including Forest City development by the Country Garden Group.” Please do read the full article here: Article in

I think we also have the support from another factor

Perhaps it’s also good to add that Johor Sultan will be the next Agong and this will happen on 31st January 2024. News in here. In other words, Johor will receive even more attention. I would think this is going to add a lot of value into the relationship and progress of economic activities between JB and Singapore too.

Johor Sultan also plans to revive the HSR in 2024. News here in “I will make it (come back) on,” 

Johor Sultan also said that he does not tolerate corruption. News in

Johor Sultan does not tolerate MPs who behave like monkeys. Article in

All the best to Johor and Singapore and everyone for 2024.

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