The Exchange TRX opens! Many hundreds of stores are open. –

The Exchange TRX opens! Many hundreds of stores are open.

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I have not yet been there yeah

Soon, I will be there soon. 🙂 Here are the many reports and I think the total number of stores is already a reason to go there. Let’s be real, it will not be 400 new brands you have not seen before yeah. However, 400 stores means that you could go there with any friend or family member and chances are everyone would find something they like. Reports as below:

Article in Poised to be a world-class lifestyle hub, the retail mall houses 400 stores, representing 400 brands across four floors. Despite Wednesday being a business mid-week day, Malaysians swarmed the mall in hordes when it opened its doors at the exact time of 11.08am.

Roads leading to The Exchange TRX were packed with cars as an eager crowd built up outside the Raintree Plaza entrance to the mall. They were ushered in by lion dance performances followed by a Christmas parade, featuring Santa Claus and his whimsical elves spreading festive vibes.

Greetings patrons entering through the main entrance is renowned French luxury house Louis Vuitton, flanked by Gucci and Dior.

Other big names occupying the ground floor include luxury jewelry giant Tiffany & Co., French brands Chaumet, Christian Louboutin and Saint Laurent, among others.

Malaysia’s first and largest luxury Japanese department store Seibu stands on the right of the main entrance, followed by Giorgio Armani and Chanel boutiques. Please do read here for more: Article in

Meanwhile, we also have this FIRST Apple Store in Malaysia quick look too. Article in One of the massive shopping centre’s main attractions is a 10-acre rooftop park called TRX City Park which is also the location of the first Apple Store in Malaysia.

While Apple has not yet made any official announcement regarding its new retail outlet despite being rumoured for years, there have been proofs that backed up those rumours. The latest was a short video shared by the well-known local Apple critic, Xavier Naxa which clearly showed an Apple signboard outside of the retail building. Read more here: Article in

Briefly, more stores will be opening including Apple Store too

You should also visit TRX Exchange’s site. Lots of information including this store which is in Malaysia for the first time. Maison Kitsune & Cafe Kitsune. It’s

There’s also Shake Shack which I have read about many times too.

Okay, will leave the rest to you to explore.

Another place for experience. Will review it again once I have visited. It seems that some article also pointed out that the parking fee is high. Do let me know if you have parked there and whether it’s really high or well, it’s that kind of price for this kind of places. I need to be as objective as possible because it’s not possible to expect a different price for a different experience. I am sure the management has their own plans too on sustaining the visitors too and it’s not through the parking fees. Cheers.

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