Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League leaks are running rampant

Leaks for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League have moved on from a steady drip to become a flood.

As I said earlier today, developer Rocksteady has been battling leaks for its upcoming game since its alpha test took place in November.

However, the ferocity of these leaks has now increased ten-fold, and so this is another warning to mute social media and such if you want to keep the game as much a surprise as possible.

Here is a trailer for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.Watch on YouTube

These latest leaks show the surprise appearance of several previously-unconfirmed DC characters in the game. Additionally, audio files currently making the rounds appear to reveal the fate of the Arkham series’ Batman – one of the Justice League members the Suicide Squad is sent to kill.

Rocksteady is yet to make any comment on this most recent spate of leaks, though images showing said characters have been pulled from social media this afternoon after copyright strikes by publisher Warner Bros. Interactive.

Elsewhere in Suicide Squad news, earlier today DC’s James Gunn has suggested we will be getting more games in Rocksteady’s Arkham Universe after Kill the Justice League makes its debut.

In a brief exchange on social media platform Threads, Gunn was asked outright if Rocksteady’s upcoming release would be the last game set in this universe. In response, Gunn replied: “No plans of it being the last.”

After several delays, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is set to release on 2nd February 2024 across PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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