Sons of the Forest leaves early access in February, Shawn Ashmore joins cast as Timmy

Sons of the Forest is leaving early access. It will be getting its beefier version 1.0 release next year, on 22nd February.

In addition, developer Endnight Games has announced that Shawn Ashmore – whom you will likely recognise from Remedy’s Quantum Break and, more recently, Alan Wake 2 – has joined the cast. He will be voicing Timmy.

Timmy, for those unaware, is the son of Eric LeBlanc, protagonist of the first game (which was simply known as The Forest). Endnight Games has said his role in the story will be expanded when version 1.0 goes live next year.

Here is a trailer for Sons of the Forest.

Along with an expanded story, this version of Sons of the Forest will also include some general polish, as well as new features which are yet to be shared in more detail. Rather mysteriously, the developer has also added a small tease for fans of the game: “v1.0 will also include the final ??? piece”.

The Sons of the Forest team has said it will continue to issue various fixes and the like as needed ahead of its full launch in February. However, its main focus is on the “bigger content release” that is version 1.0.

“We thank everyone who has joined us in Early Access and are super excited for what we have in store for v1.0 and beyond,” the studio shared on X (formerly Twitter).

Sons of the Forest roared out the gates when it launched into Steam early access back in February. The game quickly clocked up 2m sales in just 24 hours.

“The real magic of Sons of the Forest lies not in base-building or 3D-printing a sled for reasons I’ve yet to understand, but in the secrets lurking behind boarded-up caverns and underground bunkers,” Vikki said in her Sons of the Forest early access overview, calling it “curiously liberating” and “such a delightful surprise”.

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