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MM2H News: S-MM2H will be further promoted to foreigners who live in countries with four seasons

I love to visit countries with four seasons

I am not sure if there are that many people who say they do not like to visit a country where there’s spring and see all the amazing colours. Or visitng a country when it’s autumn and feeling ever so relaxed and calm. Let’s not forget the time when I ran in the snow for the very first time. That was really a wow too. Of course when it comes to summer, we think of Malaysia. We have summer, summer, summer and rain. Haha.

People in 4 seasons loves our sun too. (during winter)

However, people living in these countries with four seasons, especially when it comes to the gloomy winter, they would prefer to be at countries where they could feel the sun’s warmth. By the way, I can see clearly that the foreigners enjoy our sun better than us. Haha. We are the one trying to cover up and they are the ones lounging under the sun. Since they do like our summer, let’s go and attract them to come here for MM2H. Read about the news here:

Article in the borneopost.com Sarawak Minister of Tourism, Creative Industry, and Performing Arts Dato Sri Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah said the Sarawak-Malaysia My Second Home (S-MM2H) programme will be further promoted to foreigners who live in countries with four seasons.

He cited the ageing people from Holland and Nordic countries as good examples of S-MM2H participants because they would want to get away from the cold winter and turn to Malaysia for its warm climate.

“Apart from people who experience some problems and feeling insecure in their own countries, those from countries with four seasons will find the sun (in Malaysia) as heaven during the winter in their respective countries.

“Our climate does make people want to come here,” he said. Do read the full article here: Article in the borneopost.com

This is what I will tell the ageing people from Holland and Nordic countries (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland)

Sun. Enjoy the sun as much as you like and leave your winter clothes behind. :) We have beaches which are second to none too.

Food. I know your food is awesome (as per many food tv channels). Meanwhile the food here in Malaysia is truly Asia and beyond. It’s hard to even pick one favourite food because this is one melting pot of cultures and food.

Culture. Your new friends here in Malaysia will come from diverse background. They are all friendly and we thrive in diversity of cultures. There’s never ending celebrations, each with it’s own uniqueness. Enjoy them all!

Money. I know you may be spending the equivalent of RM40 for food on the roadside stalls in your country. If you spend here instead, rest assured RM40 can last for many meals depending on what you like. A burger with cheese, eggs, mayo, some vege and two soft fluffy buns from the roadside stalls would just be RM6. (maybe cheaper too).


Have a happy time deciding. Perhaps dropping by for a 2 weeks holiday first before deciding!

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