Please take care yeah. Covid-19 cases are rising. –

Please take care yeah. Covid-19 cases are rising.

Yea, it’s not as dangerous as last time (I think)

I did not know even know I got Covid-19 until I tested for it. No fever. No cough. No sore throat. No loss in taste. In fact they say most people would have gotten it without knowing it too. However, I have friends who suffered very badly. High fever for a few days. Loss in taste. Never ending cough even weeks after. And more. This is why we must still be vigilant because there are people with weaker immunity among us. They will face danger if they got Covid-19 simply because we did not take precautions. Here’s the latest.

Article in With increasing Covid-19 cases, it’s important to protect yourselves and others besides preventing both asymptomatic and symptomatic spread of respiratory illnesses, which are more dangerous for vulnerable groups such as the elderly, children and chronically ill.

Public health medicine specialist Datuk Dr Zainal Ariffin Omar said, “Covid-19 is still with us and can cause severe illness and even death. Practise SOP (standard operating procedure) like wearing a mask, washing hands, avoiding crowded places, seeking treatment and completing the immunisation schedule.”

On Nov 23, the Health Ministry said that Covid-19 cases had risen by 28% between Nov 12 and 18 at 2,305 infections compared to 1,801 the week before. Do read the full article here: Article in

Prevention is better than cure

Simple steps are easy. Wear a mask if we do not feel well. Please stay home if we do not feel well. Wear a mask in public places where lots of people gather in close proximity. Wear a mask inside the public transport. Wash hands as usual and pat them dry too. Please do our small part yeah. We can continue to ensure all of us are safe together. Thank you.

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