No Estimate To Share For Completion Of Google November Core & Reviews Updates

Many of you are wondering when the Google November 2023 core update and Google November 2023 reviews update will be completed. Normally these updates finish about two weeks after they start but now the core update is 22 days since it started and the reviews update is now 16 days since it rolled out.

I believe this is now the longest-running core update since Google started to talk about core updates.

John Mueller from Google was asked yesterday when these updates will be completed. He said on Mastodon, “I don’t have an estimated end date to share for now.”

John added that the “durations of updates is usually a mix of various internal factors, including the desire to do things incrementally for safety.”

Here is that post:

Johmu Core

I wonder more if it is about some Google engineers being off for the holidays and not ready to turn things off. Although, I am not sure if it works that way.

My guess is that both these updates will be done next week – but that is just my guess, I have zero insider information. Even if I did have insider information, I suspect those inside don’t really fully know exactly when these updates will be done.

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