New electricity tariff starting Jan 1 2024. Will it affect you? –

Energy Commission: New electricity tariff starting Jan 1 2024. Will it affect you?

We need to keep the electricity usage to below 600kWh

The below is the electricity tariff for Malaysia for domestic users.


In the Philippines, it’s around 11 Pesos (RM1) per kWh. Source:

In Singapore, it’s 28.2 cent (RM0.99) per kWh. Source:

In Thailand, it’s 3.99 Baht (RM0.54) per kWh. Source:

The above is to tell us that electricity could rise further without subsidies from the government. I have no idea how much subsidies are the other governments giving but our rate per kWh is lowest currently.

New Adjustment starting from 1st January 2024

There will be tariff adjustment starting 1st January 2024. According to National Resources, Environment and Climate Change Minister Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad in June 2023, the government has allocated RM5.2bil for the electricity subsidy for 2024. (Source: fact, it was said that 85 percent of all households would not be affected by this adjustment. So, how do you know if you are affected or not? Calculation as below.

First one shows what happens if you maintain your usage at 600 kWh. The next one we can immediately see a huge difference when we use just an extra 1 kWh yeah.

Now you know why it’s important to keep the usage to below 600 kWh? It’s RM12 which is enough for an Americano in most cafes. Else 5 teh tariks… Read more on what the Energy Commission of Malaysia is saying in a statement Article in

Tips to save some electricity?

#1 – Set aircon temperature at 24 celcius for optimum cooling with savings. 

#2 – Buy energy efficient electrical applicances. (More stars the better)

#3 – Save with energy-saving light bulbs 

#4 – An organised fridge allows for air to circulate more efficiently

#5 – Wash full loads when you are washing clothes versus washing a few times

All the best to all of us starting 1st January 2024

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