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Property Investment 101: Let’s dump property investment lah

Why dump property investment yeah?

When someone whom I look up to (a real medical doctor who’s also an investment guru) says that it’s time to forget property and focus on some other investments, I do think that everyone needs to understand this from the right context. If we refer to that one line and we assume his message as “everyone jump out now!” it’s not true yeah.

What he is trying to say is that if we could find another investment which could provide faster and better returns, it’s okay to skip property investment. Today is not like long time ago where property investment is one major choice out of few investment choices. Here are 5 things we can do and well, property investment is not needed at all.

If I could stay in more places, I would prefer too

Frankly speaking, if your question to me is this. “Would you prefer to stay at the same place, with the same swimming pool, with the same view everyday for the next 30 years OR would I prefer to stay at a different resort with a different swimming pool, different view every week?,” my answer will be as follows, “Of course I prefer to stay in a different resort every week!” So, why own the same property if I have enough money to keep moving from resort to resort?

Here are 5 other reasons why one really does not need property investment at all.

#1 Earn way above the cost of renting / owning a property and living expenses

An investment is needed because it is supposed to be something we fall back on after our income has stopped. Usually this is after our retirement. However, if someone is earning way above the cost of renting / owning a place and can cover the living expenses easily, this someone should not waste time on property investment because it’s just time consuming and may also require lots of due diligence since we cannot simply believe anyone who tells us to buy that property… So, if one is earning way above the cost of renting, skipping property investment is a great choice as this someone could rent anywhere he / she likes easily.

#2 Already have at least a home / place to stay

I can safely say that most parents would love their children to stay with them. Many could even do so harmoniously. However, not all have this opportunity and if one does not, then one just need to buy ONE, just ONE property which one could stay for a long time to come. If we already own a place to stay, we do not need to keep investing into more properties lah. Use our money and invest into something else. Just not speculative ones unless we are ready to win big or lose big.

#3 We are expert in other types of investment

I have so many friends who continue to tell the world about their expertise with stock investments. How they were able to earn double digit returns just within a night or two. By the way, one engineer friend whom I know is today semi-retired just from stock investments yeah. At least 10 years younger than me. So, if we are expert in other types of investment, please skip property investment yeah. Stay focused. Learn from masters in the industry and go for these investments.

#4 We have a rich family who could provide a lot more opportunities

Yes, I do envy many friends whose parents could provide them with unlimited opportunities. At a time when I was working hard to earn a few thousand ringgit salary per month, I already have school mates who own businesses! I am not very sure if all of them do well in their businesses but frankly, with a wealthy family, property investment is not needed at all. It’s too slow, too cumbersome and the fact that banks will only approve those with fixed income will only look at salaried people yeah.

#5 We still have no idea at all about property investment

If we are buying because our friends say so, then better not proceed. If we are buying because we read about people earning big money from property investment, better not proceed. There are many other cases where the people struggle to pay their monthly repayments and every interest rate increase is like a another cut on their body… Property investment is long term and is just too expensive to try and see what happens. We can buy stock and see what happens. We could afford to lose. However buying a property of a few hundred thousand and then something bad happens? That’s a sad case. Skip property investment yeah.


I continue to think of property investment as awesome. At the same time, I continue my investments into unit trust and have no stopped for the past 20 years. I have also continue to own shares in companies and I do not think I will ever focus on just property investment. So, please invest wisely and as long as it is an investment with good returns, it can be anything. Does not need to be property investment at all. Happy deciding.

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