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Press Release: Clean Up, A Sense Of Togetherness And Mutual Support

The IJM Rimbayu Community Gathers for a Transformative Gotong-Royong

In an encouraging and energetic display of community spirit at IJM Rimbayu, residents, friends, and neighbours rallied together for this year’s community clean-up event named “Community Gotong Royong: Turning the Tide” during the weekend that also has a strong social element, encouraging interaction, community engagement, and as a result, memorable shared experiences. 

The event, organised by IJM Land in collaboration with IJM Corporate’s 40th-anniversary celebration, is part of the Make A Difference (MAD) campaign that is interwoven into the very fabric of what it means to be living and thriving at an IJM Land-spearheaded development. Focusing on the tagline of “Say Yes to 4R”, this initiative aims to Reduce, Repair, Reuse, and Recycle, serving as a resounding call to action resonating across all IJM projects and townships. 

As part of this MAD campaign, community activations included gotong-royong clean-ups led by IJM Rimbayu residents, emphasising the importance of a shared responsibility in maintaining a clean and healthy living environment where they live and raise their families. Participants were encouraged to bring a neighbour or friend along, fostering a sense of camaraderie while expanding the implementation and reach of these beneficial green initiatives.

Motivated by a shared commitment, IJM Rimbayu residents volunteered and took on various actionable tasks and chores on that day, generating an immediate buzz and resulting positive impact across their individual beloved neighbourhoods, including Chimes, Perennia, and Swans. 

Through this collaborative effort, many forged new interpersonal connections, evolving from mere neighbours into newfound friends. Encouraged to partake in different volunteer activities, the IJM Rimbayu family contributed to the betterment of their respective developments, cultivating a much stronger sense of community and mutually reliant friendships that will stand the test of time.


The day commenced early in the morning after a briefing and work delegation session, held within the comfort of their own homes because, as the saying goes, “home is where the heart is.” Eager IJM Rimbayu residents, embodying the spirit of determined eco-warriors, initiated the cleanup proper by tidying up the areas around their own homes to get things underway as family units. 

In line with a commitment to integrate sustainable habits into their daily lives, residents were also encouraged to contribute by donating recyclable items. This reinforced the message of environmental stewardship and also represented a practical step toward creating a sustainable ecosystem at IJM Rimbayu.

Simultaneously, there were also residents who congregated in groups to clean up communal spaces, including children’s playgrounds and other shared areas. It was impressive as to what was achieved when everyone pulled their weight to make a go at sprucing up their surroundings including the landscaped areas. In addition, They also joined the external perimeter cleaning efforts conducted by IJM Land and got to witness firsthand the concerted effort that the developer has been implementing from planning to eventual execution.


IJM Rimbayu’s Community Gotong Royong demonstrated the power of community engagement and strength in numbers, with everyone dedicating their time, energy, and full effort to various tasks and chores. The initiative not only reinvigorated the aesthetic appeal of the neighbourhood, but also set the stage for ongoing community-driven efforts. 

Streets were revitalised, and public spaces were rejuvenated, thanks to the collective green efforts of everyone who gave it their all during the half-day session. Participants were equipped with all the requisite cleaning tools and rewarded with a light breakfast, along with ice cream potong that was handed out after the collective effort, keeping everyone energised, happy, and motivated. In addition to cleaning-up, each participating household received a complimentary lunch box, water bottle and a useful recycle bag.

“We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our fellow residents, friends and families, and neighbours who took part in our Gotong Royong event as part of the MAD campaign,” said Mr Chai Kian Soon, Senior General Manager of IJM Land, expressing his appreciation for all the families and residents who showed up for this much-applauded endeavour. “Your enthusiasm and dedication have made a significant impact on the visual contrast before today and the cleanliness of our neighbourhood.”


The success of “Community Gotong Royong: Turning the Tide” and the MAD campaign highlights the potential for IJM Land’s ongoing community-driven initiatives. Many tired but accomplished faces were seen during the clean-up and group sessions, each lending a helping hand to making it a brisk and thoroughly enjoyable undertaking that didn’t feel like a tedious chore, focusing on relationships and social connections.  

As the various neighbourhoods enjoy the benefits of a cleaner environment and embrace sustainable practices, the event establishes a precedent for future projects that will prioritise collective action, community engagement, and a shared commitment to the well-being of all residents and their future generations.

This positive momentum will continue to reverberate through the community with every resident consistently involved in shaping the long-term habitability of the IJM Rimbayu. Through united efforts, the different neighbourhoods will remain vibrant and welcoming places to live for generations to come. This bodes well for the value of all IJM Rimbayu properties in the future

Many residents expressed interest in sustaining the newfound camaraderie and are eager to explore additional projects that enhance the overall quality of life in their respective IJM Rimbayu neighbourhoods, promoting a natural sense of togetherness, kinship, and mutual support. 

“We truly believe that making sustainable choices starts right at home. By embracing eco-friendly practices, responsibly managing waste, and saying ‘Yes’ to the 4Rs initiatives that we will be further enhancing with additional activities. We’re creating a place that cares deeply for everyone who lives here and for our environment,” shared Mr. Chai.

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