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Heavy Rain. Flash Floods. Sinkhole of 50m x 60m.

Heavy rain expected until March 2024

This is message from Malaysia Meteorogical Department (MET). “The Malaysian Meteorological Department (METMalaysia) issued a warning today saying that the northeast monsoon is expecting four to six episodes of heavy rainfall on Nov 11 until March next year..” Source: NST

In other words, always be careful where we park our cars, especially in places where flood has happened before. Sometimes, turning a few additional levels up a car park is better than convenience of parking at the ground floor entrance. I have started doing this recently.

Flash floods could happen because water level could rise very fast

I am very sure you have seen the water level which was above a lot of cars in Puchong IOI Mall just yesterday. News article in thestar.com.my The water has since receded but as per report, over 60 cars were affected. This could happen in many places and thus, it’s important to always be aware where we are, where we park our car and whether it’s raining super heavy outside. On usual days, we could continue shopping. These few weeks, just need to be extra vigilant.

Sinkhole of 50m by 60m is huge! Need to know the cause too

Article in thestar.com.my Serdang police chief ACP AA Anbalagan said the size of the sinkhole is about 50m by 60m with a depth of 3m. He shared that the mitigation work has started and according to the contractor, it will take about 2 weeks to complete the task. He said, “An area of 150m will be reinforced with 335 steel piles which will be driven into the ground to prevent soil movement.”

He also said this about the cause. “I cannot specifically say what caused it but we are waiting for reports from the relevant authorities.”

Maybe can add the Flood Coverage too for our car insurance

Here are a few insurance advertisements. There are no links here. Just google for them or call your friendly insurance agent yeah. I also do not have flood coverage at this moment too like majority of everyone.

Do not allow children to play in potentially dangerous places please

This has to reemphasized again because just a few cm of flowing rain water is enough to sweep a children away suddenly yeah. According to many studies, just 15 cm of water will already move a small car. That’s how powerful moving water is and we all know how fast flash floods could suddenly occur. Always know where your children are and do not regret because it may be too late.

Stay safe everyone.

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