Google’s History of Thanksgiving Doodle

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and to celebrate the holiday, I will not be posting news today. Don’t worry, a lot of news will be posted tomorrow, including the weekly SEO video recap (subscribe!).

Today, Google has a special Thanksgiving Doodle that goes to the History of Thanksgiving search result in Google Search.

Here is the search results page for the History of Thanksgiving:

Google History Of Thanksgiving Serp

As you can see, it starts off with the search box that says “History of Thanksgiving,” followed by the Happy Thanksgiving Doodle section that links to this interactive Thanksgiving puzzle page with more details and then it has the search results, including the knowledge panel on Thanksgiving including an overview, history, greeting, origin and more.

Happy Thanksgiving all and don’t wait up for the core and reviews update to complete today, I doubt anyone is around to press the off button.

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