Google Things To Know Snippets Expansion

It seems Google is expanding the Things To Know feature in its search results, both in how often it is shown, where it is shown and how it is shown. We are also seeing it in the form of site links or sublinks on specific search results.

Just an FYI, we’ve covered tons of Things to know tests and implementations here before.

Here is a screenshot from Khushal Bherwani on X showing the things to know drop-down specific to this snippet. I am not even sure if this would be called “Things to know” or not but here it is:

Things To Know Snippets Google

Glenn Gabe also posted about this a week or so ago on X saying, “Google’s “Things to know” SERP feature has been surfacing more and more with the recent changes in the search results. They often provide a featured snippet-like result for each subtopic, but I’m seeing ULTRA “Things to know” with *multiple* featured snippets per subtopic. Wow, good luck tracking that.”

Here are some of his screenshots:

Ethan Lazuk also posted:

Are you seeing these Things to Know sections more often?

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Here is a screenshot from Khushal Bherwani on X.

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