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Google confirmed the last reviews update finished rolling out yesterday after 29 days. Google Search ranking volatility continues throughout the whole week, I called it the Google Winter Blast update but it might be the reviews update that is ongoing. Google Groups has seen a massive ranking and visibility boost in Google Search but why and it is concerning. Google announced Gemini, its next-level AI, and it is already in Bard and being tested in SGE. Bing announced Deep Search, it is like hidden gems, but slow and powerful; they also announced a bunch of Copilot features. I noticed that John Mueller deleted some helpful content tweets and that Danny Sullivan auto-deletes tweets. Google updated its local ranking to look at business operating hours, it seems. Google has a Local Service Ads has a reviews hijacking problem. Google expands its video policy to video mode, it must be the main content. Google Search Console dropped the mobile usability report and the mobile-friendly test. Google added new vacation rental rich results and structured data. Google Search Console will drop the product results search appearance filter. Google seems to be showing how-to rich results again. Google has a lot of complaints about invalid sitemap errors. Google’s “you visit often” label is live now for some. Google is treating a knowledge panel snippet. Google Site names have an issue for some internal pages. Glenn Gabe wrote a piece on the tracking challenges with all these new alternative fees and secondary SERPs. Google allows some advertisers to opt out of the Search Partner Network for PMAX. Google Merchant Center next will support rules and supplemental feeds. Google SGE is testing search by image and the ability to export to Gmail or Docs. Google launched the full-width image pack. I posted the big December Google webmaster report. And the Chanukah decorations are live on Google Search – Happy Hanukkah! And if you want to help sponsor those vlogs, go to That was the search news this week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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