Gifts for Foodies Under $25

It’s the time of year again. Time to find unique and thoughtful gifts for all your friends and family—no pressure! 😅 But in all seriousness, gift giving can be really stressful, so I thought I’d do some of the work for you. I sifted through hundreds of food, kitchen, and cooking-related items to find some really cool things that you can give the food lover in your life. This first selection of gift ideas are all under $25, which is perfect if you’re on a tight budget or looking for some smaller stocking stuffer ideas. Whether these exact items are a good fit or not, I hope this list gives you some inspiration so you can find the perfect gift this year.

P.S. I’ll have more ideas in other price ranges in the next two weeks!

Prices and availability of the items on this list may change. Everything listed below was under $25 at the time of publication.

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The gift ideas in this round-up are all fun and interesting finds for food lovers, but if you’re more of a practical gift giver, check out our blog post about Kitchen Basics to find all of our picks for kitchen equipment, tools, and supplies that every kitchen needs.

Gift Ideas for Food Lovers Under $25

Product image for recipe journal.
Photo: Amazon

Recipe Journal – This really cool blank book is like a homemade recipe journal and scrapbook in one. It’s perfect for home cooks who love the nostalgia and memories that come with family favorite recipes. It comes with stickers and labels to decorate the pages and make every page unique!

Wood veneer mug warmer product image.
Photo: Amazon

Mug Warmer – This mug warmer is a game changer, especially if you’re working from home. I fell in love with this particular mug warmer because of the wood veneer that kind of gives it a mid-century modern feel, plus it kind of looks like a record player!

Cover image of the Let's Make Ramen book.
Photo: Amazon

Let’s Make Ramen – Perfect for kids or anyone who loves graphic novels, this beautifully illustrated cookbook brings together the best of both worlds! It’s educational, fun, and total eye candy. I could just look at this for hours!

Set of four vintage coffee mugs with bamboo lids and metal spoons.
Photo: Amazon

Vintage Coffee Mug Set – I’m all about romanticizing everyday life and these gorgeous vintage-style glass coffee mugs will definitely achieve that. Whether you use them for coffee, tea, or even your overnight oats, they’ll make your everyday life feel extra special.

Product image of a metal bottle full of white truffle oil.
Photo: Amazon

White Truffle Oil – IYKYK. Truffle oil makes everything taste extra fancy! Just one small drizzle of truffle oil will give any food a bold, earthy flavor. Tip: make sure the receiver is a fan of truffle before gifting this one. You’re either a truffle person and love all things truffle, or a truffle hater. There is no in-between. 😆

Product image for a copper French press.
Photo: Amazon

Copper French Press – Not only does a French Press make a mean cup of coffee, but they’re absolutely beautiful. Making everyday life a little extra special is such an underrated gift!

Cover image of The Complete Baking Book for Young Chefs.
Photo: Amazon

The Complete Baking Book for Young Chefs – If you have a young cook on your list, this cookbook designed for kids is sure to be a hit! I had a similar book when I was growing up and it resulted in countless hours of fun that also helped me learn.

Product image of a kids cooking set, with contents shown.
Photo: Amazon

Kids Cooking Set – It’s never too early to get your kids involved in the kitchen! This super cute set lets kids feel like they’re involved, but in a safe and age-appropriate manner.

Product image for glass tumblers with bamboo lids and metal straws.
Photo: Amazon

Glass Tumbler Set – If you have an iced coffee lover on your list, this glass tumbler set is SO cute. They come with bamboo AND plastic lids, and metal straws. They’d be perfect for smoothies, too!

Product image for dog-themed silicone and metal molds and cookie cutters.
Photo: Amazon

Dog-Themed Silicone Molds – For the food-lover who also loves dogs, these super cute silicone molds and cookie cutters are such a fun gift. Both your friend and their pooch will thank you. 😉

Cover image for The Flavor Bible.
Photo: Amazon

The Flavor Bible – This books is perfect for the experimental cook or your friend who loves crafting the perfect recipe. This book explores flavor, how to pair them in a recipe, and how to get creative with ingredients. It will definitely take your cooking skills to the next level!

Two ceramic mugs with colorful glaze and metal spoons.
Photo: Amazon

Ceramic Mug Set – I’m low-key in love with these mugs and will likely buy them for myself this year (if someone else doesn’t – hint hint). The colorful glaze and handmade feel will make any mug of coffee or tea instantly more cozy.

Product image for a cake decorating set showing contents.
Photo: Amazon

Cake Decorating Set – With all the cake decorating competition shows and artistically decorated cakes on social media, who hasn’t fantasized about becoming a master cake decorator? A simple cake-decorating kit like this is the perfect place to start.

Glass teapot with metal strainer.
Photo: Amazon

Glass Teapot with Infuser – Hello gorgeous! This glass teapot with a built-in (and removable) metal infuser is such a pretty gift for the tea-lover in your life!

Product image for a homemade sushi kid showing all of the contents.
Photo: Amazon

Homemade Sushi Kit – Okay, I’d buy this kit for the adorable little ceramic cat chopstick holders alone! I can’t think of a better no-screen activity for kids and adults alike than making your own homemade sushi.

Want even more ideas? Find our full Gift Ideas under $25 list on our Amazon shop!

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