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EPF News: Flexible Account to provide for emergency withdrawals

Emergency is really a subjective matter

Actually, many who withdrew from EPF for ’emergency’ may not be for emergency matters. I know of some who said they want to withdraw so that they could invest those funds better than EPF investment managers. Some who withdrew the money meanwhile thinks that better withdraw now because EPF is short of funds. Obviously too many fake news and rumours are swirling for a long time and people have believed those spins for a very long time. So, coming back to ’emergency’ matters, what should be those and which account should we be able to withdraw from if indeed we do need to have money for emergency purpose(s)?

Article in nst.com.my The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) flexible account is expected to be implemented in April next year.

Deputy Finance Minister I Datuk Seri Ahmad Maslan said, “The EPF will announce its dividend in February and more details on the flexible account would also be announced. For now related organisations have given their views on the flexible account and the public could also write to the Finance Ministry and EPF on the matter.”

“The third account will be implemented starting from April next year.”

He also said this when asked about public’s concerns on their retirement fund being affected by the flexible account. “It was stated that there would be a certain percentage contributed towards the third account and it can only be withdrawn during emergencies.” Please do read here for the full article with more details. Article in nst.com.my

Should this (the withdrawal) be made super easy?

It’s a sensitive issue right. One one hand, this is the EPF members’ own savings. On the other hand, if they have withdrawn it and have insufficient funds when they retire, then whose problem would it become? I hate to say this but hey, as a tax payer, I do not wish to contribute to people who spend their money today and I have to subsidise their living in the future? The world is unfair but this is definitely controllable and must be controlled. Well, more details should be forthcoming soon since it should start in April 2024 and this is just 5 months away.

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