Fans think this rare Japanese TV video may be the only known footage of Luigi in Super Mario 64

Rare footage of Super Mario 64’s multiplayer mode has seemingly popped up online.

Following a 1996 interview with Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto, we at least knew that there had been plans to make Luigi a playable character. A stunning leak in 2020 later confirmed it, showing that Super Mario 64 included character models for both brothers.

This, however, seems to be the only footage we have of an early Super Mario 64 build, and if real – or not just a trick of the eye – it just may be the only known footage of Luigi in the game. You can see it for yourself in the grainy video below – just jump to the 13:21 timestamp:
Now In Game Channel.

YouTuber Now In Game Channel uploaded the video about three weeks ago, stating that the video was recorded at Spaceworld 95.

“Here’s your only official footage of multiplayer Super Mario 64 from a Spaceworld 95 video kiosk, as the camera clearly focuses on both characters,” explains Yakumono on X/Twitter.

“We finally have a glimpse of what the early multiplayer mode for Super Mario 64 looked like!” adds YouTuber and modder, Marionova. “This is also the first time we have seen Luigi’s SM64 model outside of the Nintendo Leaks! Take a look!”

The video has now gone viral, and fans remain split on whether the video does indeed show Luigi in the game, or is, in fact, Mario, but colour bleed on the old CRT system makes it look like he’s wearing green.

What do you think?

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