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Penang property news: Eye of Penang, Ferris Wheel, Floating Ferry and more…

Penang is a good place to stay, they say

Penang is a good place to stay. I stayed there for 15 years after my graduation. Food variety is an amazing reason. There is no need to debate on char koay teow, on hokkien mee and on the number of nasi kandar restaurants. Accessible beaches and hiking trails would be activities which one could enjoy every weekend.

A walk within the Botanical Garden would also provide the needed connection to nature too. In terms of career opportunities, this is one of the best place for engineers too. More high-tech new companies continue to make Penang their home too. Many are now waiting for the Gurney Bay to be open to the public. As announced earlier, it’s supposed to be by year end of 2023.

Article in malaymail.com Penang chief minister Chow Kon Yeow said that the Penang state government is considering proposals to introduce additional commercial activities in Gurney Bay such as the Eye of Penang, Viewing Tower, floating ferry, Ferris wheel and theme parks.

He said the additional commercial activities will be managed through the people, public, private partnership (PPPP) model.

He said the total costs of the Gurney Bay project is RM221 million and the project costs were allocated annually starting from 2022.

“The Gurney Bay project is the state’s initiative to provide green recreational space in the Gurney area which is in line with the Penang2030 vision,” he said.

He said there will be 800 car park lots in Gurney Bay with 238 motorcycle lots and 12 lots for buses. Do refer here for the full article Article in malaymail.com

Just enjoy. Penang is one of the most liveable cities in Asia and beyond

Penang does not change much, many people say. My say? Why do we always need for all cities to be based on some ‘advanced cities’ with lots of sky scrapers etc? Penang should continue to march forward on its own term. Stay focused on industries it is strong in. Make Penang International Airport more connected to the world so that people from some of these ‘advanced’ cities can come and enjoy what’s missing from their ‘advanced cities.’

In Penang, there’s time to wake up early and enjoy a cup of coffee and probably two half-boiled eggs. Else, a roti canai with dhall curry and a teh tarik. or even a nasi lemak bungkus and kopi-O! It does not have to be rush here, rush there everyday.

All the best to Johor and Singapore and everyone for 2024.

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