Diyas and Rangolis for Diwali

Diyas and Rangolis

Diyas are an essential part of the traditions, customs and festivals in many cultures around the world. They ignite the hope of happiness and prosperity wherever they are lit. Diyas are simple, small oil lamps that have a cotton wick filled with oil that burns when the diya is lit. They are an important symbol of Hinduism and the abode of the gods, Lord Vishnu. It is believed that the oil in the diya represents all the dirt (greed, lust, anger, jealousy, hatred etc) that humans nurture and the cotton wick represents the soul which needs to be rid of this materialistic world to attain enlightenment and unite with the supreme power.

Hence, lighting up a diya is a way of getting rid of all the negativity in one’s life. Diyas are also considered as symbols of purity and good luck. They also represent the victory of the light over darkness, good over evil, goodness over vice and truth over falsehood. Diyas are especially lit during the festival of Diwali which is celebrated on an Amavasya or new moon day and signifies the triumph of light over darkness, good over evil, righteousness over immorality.

A lot of people decorate their homes and offices with different types of rangolis and a wide variety of decorative diyas. Rangolis are patterns made with coloured rice, sand or flower petals that are placed on the floor of one’s home or office as a form of decoration during Diwali. There are many different kinds of rangolis and some are very elaborate while others are rather simple. But no matter what type of rangolis or decorative diyas you use for Diwali, they will surely add a wow factor to your decorations.

Diyas and Rangolis for Diwali

One of the best ways to decorate your home during Diwali is by placing beautiful Matki Diyas at various places. You can even try making a grid pattern with them and then place a Tusli Diya in the middle of it to give it an elegant look. You can also make a pattern with them and then place Rangoli powder in between to make it more colourful.

MFPA’s collection of decorative diyas is ideal for eco friendly Diwali as they are made of clay which is sustainable and can be used again. These diyas are also heat and crack resistant which makes them safe to use. They will surely add beauty to your pooja room and will be the perfect addition for your festive home decor.

You can also try putting these decorative diyas in empty jars and bottles to save the environment by keeping away from throwing the jars and bottles away. It will not only be an eco friendly idea but will also help the artisan who made them. These handmade decorative diyas are made with love, passion and a lot of care. So, buy this amazing collection of diyas from MFPA to brighten up your home and the lives of the artisans who have crafted them!

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