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MM2H News: Destination ranking for tourism? Don’t mix this with MM2H please.

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I want to say this because my views would definitely be more neutral than some views about MM2H. Some say MM2H if the requirements are relaxed can help to increase property purchase. If this is true, then the requirement should include ‘MUST buy a local property within a certain period of time.’ If this is not within the clause and we reduce the requirements, the property purchase may still not happen. If MM2H participants prefer to rent, is that an issue?

Some industry players say that with MM2H’s requirements relaxed, then Malaysia will be more attractive to international tourists. Let me tell you that if we are to be attractive we need a concerted tourism campaign. Until today, everyone remembers ‘Malaysia, Truly Asia’ tagline because this was the most successful ever. Let’s just build on this.

This is the time to tell people that they can visit Malaysia and it’s like visiting so many different countries in Asia. This is the time to ensure we have the MOST connectivity and not some other countries nearby Malaysia. This is the time to ensure visitors have the least issues with visa requirements. This is the time to ensure ALL states are working in tandem and pool their resources together and not everyone doing their own so-called tourism products.

Come on… if Malaysia as a country is NOT well-known enough according to these industry people, then who in India or China would know what is Perak or Selangor…? Fortunately, Tourism Malaysia still know that the tagline is an amazing one and has maintained it.


Article in “They” said that in order for Malaysia to move up the competitive destination ranking and attract more participants for MM2H, Malaysia government has to reevaluate the program and broaden Malaysia’s appeal.

“They” said, “This could encourage foreign investment in real estate and resolve overhang problems in the nation’s luxury property market in Kuala Lumpur, Johor and Penang. Developers who concentrate on high-end residential properties would benefit from the MM2H conditions being relaxed.”

Kashif Ansari, co-founder and group chief executive officer of Juwai IQI, said that Malaysia’s distinct combination of lifestyle, cultural diversity, and economic benefits will draw more foreign residents this year despite competition from neighbouring nations.

He said, “Purchasing property here is a straightforward process, and foreigners can buy houses that sit on land rather than just apartments, which Thailand prohibits.

 “Malaysia’s cost of living is also appealing. For example, the cost of living in Manila, Philippines, is 12 per cent higher than in Kuala Lumpur. Living in Bangkok costs 25 per cent more, while Phnom Penh costs 27 per cent more.” Please refer here for the full article: Article in

Somehow it is the non-Malaysians who loves Malaysia more (I wonder why?)

I agree with Kashif Ansari. Stay focused on telling the world why Malaysia is better than others. Period. At the same time, I do not see too many Malaysian ministers taking holidays within Malaysia and inviting their foreign counterparts. Well, maybe it’s just not awesome enough when the wefie is taken in Langkawi versus some exotic islands somewhere.

Maybe it’s not awesome enough for people to climb the Mount Kinabalu and taking wefie versus hiking some European mountains and taking a wefie. Somehow diving into a 5-star resort somewhere outside Malaysia seems more ‘classy’ than the same thing happening in a 5-star hotel in Malaysia. Then, they say, that’s because our 5-star hotels are more expensive. Bro and Sis, I have travelled to many countries lah, stop joking yeah.

All the best and please stop using MM2H requirement as the reason for everything else which did not happen according to what you wanted. Cheers.

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