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Image Source : INDIA TV GMR-led DIAL launches awareness campaign on Wildlife Hazard Management.

Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL), a subsidiary of GMR Airports Infrastructure Limited, launched a critical awareness campaign on Wednesday in the Rangpuri Pahari area aiming at educating the local community about the dangers of wildlife strikes, particularly bird strikes, which pose significant risks to aviation safety. This campaign is part of DIAL’s ongoing efforts to enhance safety measures around the airfield.

Wildlife strikes have been a persistent challenge in aviation, with bird strikes being the most common and hazardous. Birds are attracted to areas where they find ample resources such as food, water, and shelter, often drawn to urban environments with open waste dumping and poor sanitary conditions. These attractions create high-risk situations, especially near airport vicinities, endangering aircraft and passenger safety.

DIAL’s dedicated Wildlife Hazard Management (WHM) team is actively engaged in various mitigation measures to limit bird strikes within the airfield. Regular surveys are conducted up to a 10-km radius around the airfield to identify and eliminate bird attractants in coordination with civic agencies.

The awareness session in Rangpuri Pahari, located on the approach path of Runway 29L/11R, was organised to address the increasing incidents of bird strikes observed in this area, especially during the monsoon season.

The campaign highlighted the importance of proper waste management and the impact of open waste dumping on aviation safety. Senior leaders from DIAL, Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) officials, the local Pradhan, and community residents participated in the event.

India Tv - GMR, DIAL

Image Source : INDIA TVSenior leaders from DIAL, Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) officials and community residents participated in the event.

Commenting on the campaign, DIAL CEO, Videh Kumar Jaipuriar, said, “At Delhi International Airport, safety is our utmost priority. Wildlife strikes, particularly bird strikes, pose a serious threat to aviation safety. Our Wildlife Hazard Management team works diligently to mitigate these risks within the airfield. However, we recognise that collaborative efforts with local communities are crucial to effectively address this challenge. The awareness campaign in Rangpuri Pahari is a significant step towards engaging the community in proper waste management practices, which directly impacts aviation safety. By educating and involving local residents, we aim to create a safer environment for both our passengers and the surrounding community. We are committed to continuing our efforts in partnership with civic agencies and local leaders to ensure the safety and well-being of all.”

The session educated the local community on health and hygiene practices and the critical need for proper garbage disposal. DIAL distributed grocery bags and water bottles to local residents to promote environmental consciousness and reduce plastic waste.

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