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Virtual Symposium on “Constitutional Essentials” by Frank Michelman, Friday 15th December 2023, 1.30pm

The Constitutional and Administrative Justice Initiative at the University of Essex is kindly supporting a Virtual Symposium on Professor Frank Michelman’s latest book, “Constitutional Essentials: On the Constitutional Theory of Political Liberalism” (OUP 2022), on 15 December at 13.30 UK time (08.30 EST) via Zoom.

This event contributes to furthering the objectives of the Essex CAJI’s collaboration with its partner public law research centres in Lisbon and Sorbonne, as well as the newly-established Constitutional Theory Network. Professor Michelman’s book is a major contribution to the field, offering a powerful and sophisticated restatement of Rawls’ constitutional theory, exploring its insights and aporias and developing novel interpretations of some of its key claims.

There will be two sessions of around 90 minutes chaired by Theodore Konstadinides and Yseult Marique with a short break in the middle. Each session will consist of two sets of comments (of around 15-20 minutes each) and a reply by Professor Michelman, followed by Q&A. Tarun Khaitan, Miguel Nogueira de Brito, Sabrina Zucca-Soest and Dimitrios Kyritsis will be the commentators.

To join the event on Friday, use this link:

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