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Press Release: Lotus’s Breaks Ground: Transforming IJM Rimbayu’s Commercial Hub

IJM Land is pleased to announce the groundbreaking ceremony of Lotus’s, a familiar hypermarket operator that is poised to enhance the retail and commercial landscape at the fast-growing integrated township of IJM Rimbayu in Selangor. 

With a projected completion date in Q4 2024 and a development cost of RM42 million, Lotus’s is set to become the largest hypermarket within a 10km radius, strategically positioned to serve the thriving community of IJM Rimbayu. This new hypermarket in IJM Rimbayu brings a legacy of retail excellence, boasting a vast land size of 4.48 acres and a spacious built-up area of 64,066 sqft and 185 surface floor parking. The project details include a lease term of 30 years, reflecting Lotus’s longstanding commitment to becoming a mainstay in the community. 

With a diverse portfolio of residential and commercial projects across the country, IJM Land is dedicated to enhancing the liveability and well-being of IJM Rimbayu residents and fostering economic growth in the areas it serves. The upcoming Lotus’s hypermarket is a testament to the company’s commitment to providing value and community convenience to homeowners. 

A Trusted Name 

Located centrally in IJM Rimbayu, Lotus’s hypermarket offers residents easy access to essential daily goods and services while also boosting the local economy. This includes the additional spending it will induce in the surrounding commercial constituents. 

These are the many intangible and positive spillover effects on the overall development of the township. Lotus’s will maintain its exceptional standards, offering a go-to destination for household necessities, backed by customer service excellence. The shopping experience at Lotus’s will be about exceptional value and a sheer variety of choices from the moment you enter the premises. 

Lotus’s well-organised layout will facilitate easy navigation, ensuring an intuitive product discovery process as a one-stop shopping destination. This can be particularly advantageous for those with busy schedules or limited access to transportation.

With a focus on quality and freshness, Lotus’s hypermarket will feature a fresh produce section that’s well-stocked, offering a delicious array of locally produced and imported delights. Friendly and knowledgeable staff will create a welcoming atmosphere, and a commitment to customer satisfaction will be evident in what’s available, including ingredients for tasty and nourishing home-cooked meals and other diverse household needs. There’s likewise a health, beauty and wellness sections, other general services, childrentainment, a food court and ample parking spaces for its customers.

“Lotus’s position in IJM Rimbayu is more than just easily accessible,” emphasised Datuk Wong Tuck Wai, Chief Executive Officer of IJM Land. “It serves as a gateway to unparalleled convenience, seamlessly integrated into the neighbourhood’s very fabric. This hub not only caters to the different needs of residents and visitors, but also acts as a catalyst, driving demand for nearby commercial real estate properties. Businesses, eager to capitalise on the increased foot traffic, will find prime opportunities for retail spaces and offices in this bustling locale.”

Serving the Community

To date, IJM Land has successfully launched 5,472 units at IJM Rimbayu, with 3,980 units sold, completed and handed over to homeowners. The addition of Lotus’s underscores IJM Land’s commitment to meeting the needs of a growing community, including financing options for high-value items like appliances and electronics. This can save residents time and effort, eliminating the need to travel to other areas for their necessities, groceries, and other retail items. 

As such, Lotus’s at IJM Rimbayu will serve a catchment resident population of 15,930. Furthermore, an additional 30,000 residents residing in the surrounding neighbourhoods within a 5km radius will have easy access to the only hypermarket in the growing township. This leads to overall improvements in the quality of life for both residents and incoming visitors.

Reflecting on this, Saksit Panurach, Chief Executive Officer from Lotus’s shared, “We’re thrilled to be an important part of the IJM Rimbayu family, bringing value, convenience and quality as a one-stop shopping experience to residents and enhancing their overall lifestyle. We aim to create a space for communities to gather and to engage in various family fun activities. Our #KitakanJiran spirit extends beyond retail as we’re devoted to fostering a community-centric environment, enriching the lives of those we proudly serve.”

Value Proposition

The presence of Lotus’s has the potential to positively impact property values in the surrounding residential real estate. This makes properties at IJM Rimbayu more appealing to prospective buyers and renters, ultimately contributing to a robust and thriving localised property market. 

Its substantial population reach underscores the sizeable customer gravity that Lotus’s will attract and cater to. It is likely that the construction of Lotus’s here will also create new job opportunities. 

The excitement surrounding Lotus’s is not an isolated milestone; IJM Rimbayu is set to continue its impressive trajectory with other commercial developments. This includes projects such as the completion of Uptown @ Rimbayu in Q1 next year, Rimbayu @ Uptown Square in 2025, and the unveiling of J&T Warehouse and its headquarters in 2026. The presence of Lotus’s will also provide a space for residents to gather and engage in social activities that will foster a sense of community. 

Datuk Wong enthusiastically shared, “The commencement of Lotus’s groundbreaking marks a monumental stride in our continuous development. This pivotal moment reflects our steadfast commitment to elevating IJM Rimbayu with retail offerings aligned with the community’s expectations.”

Lotus’s will be a key driver for streamlining the shopping process and making it easier for residents to acquire everything they will require for their new abodes. Moreover, residents of IJM Rimbayu can anticipate a diverse array of amenities, including healthcare, education, hospitality, and the arrival of major corporate offices. 

This commitment reiterates IJM Land’s dedication to creating a dynamic, comprehensive retail and commercial landscape.  As businesses capitalise on the growing foot traffic, an anticipated surge in demand for retail spaces and offices is to be expected, contributing significantly to the overall vibrancy of the area. 

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