Melaka will have trams! When? What? Where? –

Melaka will have trams! When? What? Where?

I still like Melaka but the traffic lights must be improved!

Many years ago and many years later, the traffic lights are still not coordinated. Perhaps Melaka drivers are super patient and could afford to wait for their turn. Frankly, engage any university and get their students to use decision science and help to calculate the necessary. Count the number of cars, the speed of the cars, the time of the day etc so that all the traffic lights are coordinated. Right now, it is not. Some are just too short and the there are many cars while the other is green but there were no cars! 

Yes, this information is as updated as it gets because I just came back from Melaka last week. Proof as below: (no need people lah, food is cool enough)

Trams are much more convenient than LRT yeah

For some city centres where the working professionals need to get to work quickly from one place 16km away from city centre, LRT is way better than the tram yeah. However, for Melaka, where tourists come and wants to sample everything Melaka has to offer, then tram does present a great option. Plus there will be less jams. There will be less people who gets fined for parking their cars and forgetting about paying the parking fees.

Article The new tram system in Malacca will weave through Malacca city with three dedicated routes and 25 stops, using five-car trains with a capacity of 280 passengers. It will connect the Melaka Sentral bus terminal to the Melaka River Cruise station, with fares as low as RM2.

The 19km system was proposed by Metro Trem Sdn Bhd on Dec 6, before being announced by Transport Minister Anthony Loke on Dec 10.

The project is currently under public consultation, led by the Land Public Transport Agency. Please do read the full details for the tram in Malacca in the article here: Article

Even if tourists drove into Melaka (most of them I believe), they may take the tram too

If I were to speculate based on what I see, most tourists into Melaka drove into Melaka. Actually, there are no flights from overseas into Melaka. Whether these people came from Kuala Lumpur or Selangor (1.5 hours drive) or came all the way from Singapore, they drove. Singaporeans who does not have a car will most probably be visiting JB instead of Melaka. I have not known that many Singaporeans taking the bus from Singapore to Melaka to visit Melaka.

I was wrong, however. Travelling via bus seems to be a popular thing

However… a quick check does reveal that perhaps many Singaporeans did take the bus into Melaka. Why do I say so? On a daily basis, there are 153 trips from Singapore to Melaka. This is quite a wow for me. Perhaps this is the major reason why a tram will be popular? After referring to this, perhaps my friends who drove told me while those who took the bus to Melaka did not tell me. That’s why I always think my Singaporean friends drive into Melaka.


Happily waiting for the tram to become a reality

The tram is said to be ready to start in February 2026. By the way, this is indeed a wow yeah. It means from today till it starts, it’s just 32 years and 2 months away. Source: The photo at the header of this article also comes from the same site. It really looks fun. A slow ride as we take in the sights, sounds and just stop anytime we want for good Melaka food too. Plus when it’s friendly, more tourists would be coming too. Especially by bus from overseas.

Plus, if the tram works well, then perhaps the some drivers like me will blame our choice instead of the traffic light instead.

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