Dave DiGregorio On The Sports Trading Cards Market

In part one with Dave DiGregorio we spoke about his journey from working in sports memorabilia to getting into SEO. Then, in part two we talked about some local pack reductions, diversifying your local SEO efforts, the services feature, and the amazing SEO community. In part three, we talk about ChatGPT, process-focused, conferences, and more. In part four we spoke about how the business and strategy is changing and the overall company culture. In part five Dave explains the sports trading card market to me.

Dave explains how we will organize these cards and how we will figure out which cards to send out to grade. He describes a lot more about the trading card collecting business and industry. He even brought an old box of cards that was not open yet. It was fun to talk about a topic that was not searched.

What surprised me was that the best time to sell a card is to sell it soon after you buy it. He described the trading card investing market and how they kind of ruined the market.

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