Daily Search Forum Recap: December 7, 2023

Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.

Google launched Gemini, its next-level AI, and it is in Bard already and being tested in SGE. Google may have a new local ranking factor that looks at business operating hours. John Mueller and Danny Sullivan deleted some tweets, one was very concerning. Google is testing export to Gmail and Docs in SGE. Google is temporarily allowing some advertisers to opt out of the search partner network. Google seems to have launched the full-width image packs with more details.

Search Engine Roundtable Stories:

  • Google Gemini, Next Level AI, Comes To Bard & Coming To SGE

    Google announced its latest AI advancements named Gemini yesterday, calling it the most capable AI models yet. It is already baked into Bard and it is being tested in SGE, the Search Generative Experience.
  • Report: Google Local Ranking Now Looks If A Business Is Open Or Closed (Business Hours)

    Joy Hawkin and team posted about a new Google local ranking factor – the factor is is if a business is currently listed as open or closed based on its business hours. She said businesses that are currently closed are now ranking lower than they did a few weeks or so ago. According to this report, Google’s local ranking now looks at business hours of operation.

  • When Googlers Delete Posts On X (Twitter) – Did Google Rollback HCU?

    I’ve been noticing that Danny Sullivan, Google’s Search Liaison, has been removing posts from his X (formerly Twitter) account a lot. I also noticed on select posts, John Mueller from Google has also done that but a lot less often.
  • Google To Allow Advertisers To Opt Out Temporarily To Search Partner Network Even For PMax Campaigns

    AdWeek posted that Google Ads is now allowing advertisers to temporarily opt out of the Search Partner Network in Search and Shopping ad campaigns, even if they are using Performance Max (PMAX) and Universal App Campaigns. Previously, PMAX campaigns could not opt-out.
  • Google Search Full Width Image Pack With More Details Now Live

    Google seems to have rolled out its full-width and larger image pack search results interface. It comes with not just the large full-width image pack we covered in 2021, but also includes the images image description, and site name and also more filters at the top right.
  • Google SGE Tests Export To Gmail & Google Docs

    Google SGE, the Search Generative Experience, is testing the ability to export the responses it provides to your queries to Gmail and Google Docs. There is an export button on the left of the query box that lets you do this.
  • Googler Running From SEOs (Running With…)

    Okay, my headline was a joke. Here you have Danny Sullivan, the Google Search Liaison, running with a pack of SEOs before the Brighton SEO event a few weeks back. It was an organized run at the event a

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